How Can Your Small Business Improve on Customer Delivery Experience?

One of the challenges of building a customer base for a small business comes from the doubt on its ability to deliver. There are plenty of tales of bad customer experience related to delivery; late deliveries, broken items, stolen packages and so on. For a small business, getting the goods to the customer whole and on time, is what establishes credibility. A small business can increase customer trust and loyalty by improving the efficiency of its deliveries. Here are some tips to improve direct deliveries for better customer experience.

Offer more flexible shipping options

For a small business, serving a more localized clientele, it is possible to be more flexible on direct delivery options. The traditional offers are standard, expedited and overnight deliveries. A business can go further and offer same day delivery and even 2-hour delivery. This is possible with the partnership of a local delivery service with extensive knowledge of the area.

Delivery flexibility is a win-win arrangement. Customers who want their goods fast pay more, while those that are willing to wait for longer get lower prices.

Showing an estimated delivery date

A delivery date is very important for the customer’s purchase decision. If a customer is buying a birthday present on a Tuesday, for example, and the birthday is on Saturday, she will want to know if the present will get there on time by standard shipping, or it would be better to pay more for a rush delivery.

It is important to show the estimated delivery date on the checkout page when asking the customer to make a shipping choice.


This has become a standard feature for delivery service companies. It gives your customers a measure of confidence when they can track their goods on the move. There is no harm in a business delivering its own tracking updates together with those from the delivery service.

A small business can go a step further and set up text message updates. There are web-based services that offer these bulk message services. The good thing with SMS notifications is that the mobile user will always check it out.

Enhanced business processes

Orders should be processed immediately they are placed. Automating the warehouse process can make improve efficiency by a greater percentage. The packers in the warehouse, for example, can be altered by text message to start packing the item immediately the order is confirmed.

Free shipping

Free shipping is becoming a big attraction for many shoppers, especially on holiday shopping. This could be offered for set minimum units.

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