Seamless same-day delivery from your store to their door 

What does Wyngit do? We deliver—swiftly and seamlessly. We tailor our service offering to each client based on their business needs. 

• Same-day shipment from your store or warehouse to  your local customers 

• Cross-dock and warehouse services 

• Return shipping 

Why Wyngit?

Seamless API integration

Our API allows us to integrate right into your e-commerce platform. So Wyngit same-day delivery appears as a shipping option for eligible customers. Simple. Seamless.

Customized to your business

What do you need? That’s what we’ll deliver. Whether it’s pick-up and delivery over the weekend, or scaled-up service at specific times of year, we’ve got you covered.

Smooth, seamless delivery for your customers

We make receiving packages convenient for your customers with live GPS tracking, real-time notifications, proof of delivery and anonymous communication with drivers. 

Real-time KPI tracking.

Use your customized dashboard to access all the numbers you need to ensure we’re performing as promised. Our technology enables transparency on all sides, every step of the way. 

Ready for a final-mile partner that really delivers?