Delivery Trends Your Business Should Watch Keenly

There is Amazon Prime, Google’s Shopping Express, and Aliexpress epacket. These big names realize that there is a massive competitive advantage in offering expedited delivery whether it is for Business to Customer (B2C), or Business to Business (B2B) delivery. Indeed, businesses that offer products and services to other businesses are even more pressed to offer efficient and timely delivery because the competitiveness of their clients depends on it. As such, it is important for any business to follow the trends in delivery to adapt, keep up and remain competitive.

Time-specific delivery will be expected

According to customer polling by Temando Survey, 76% of shoppers would want to have their purchases delivered in a specific time period when they are available. 37% of these customers are willing to pay more for this to happen.

A business that sells to other business should watch delivery times very closely as often the purchases will be used in offering the end customer timely service in turn. A bicycle repair shop, for example, would be heavily dependent on receiving an unavailable spare part to offer timely services to cyclists passing by.

Customers will want higher flexibility in delivery

In the days gone by, shoppers were expected to choose among standard, expedited and overnight delivery. These days same day delivery and 2-hour delivery are available. Flexibility is highly desired in business to business delivery. This enables businesses to operate without holding stock, but relying on timely supply instead. As such, more clients will want to have their purchases when they buy them, or at their best convenience. This means that businesses will increasingly have to rely on local delivery companies to make these time specific deliveries.

Free shipping is expected

In another survey conducted by Invesecpro, it was found that 29% of customers will be willing to buy when free shipping is available. Free shipping has become one of the most popular discounts for customers buying a set minimum number of units. However, customers are coming to expect free shipping as a standard after sales service. As such, businesses will need to get more creative to cover the costs of free shipping.

There will be increasing use of big data in the delivery

The data that businesses accumulate in the course of interacting with their clients, and conducting business operations, will become increasingly useful in doing efficient and timely deliveries. This includes customer social media data, traffic conditions, and parcel tracking data among other data points.

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