How important is Fast Delivery to Your Clients?

56% of customers aged 18-34 yrs. expect a business to offer same day delivery. 61% of customers in this age group are also willing to pay more for same day delivery. These are interesting statics that came up in a survey by customer polling firm Invescpro. Delivery time has become a big consideration for customers buying items both online and offline. For a business, same day delivery offers a competitive edge and increased customer loyalty.

Generational considerations

Customers in different generation bracket rate the importance of same-day delivery differently. 30% of millennial shoppers rated it important, 19% of Gen X customers, 13% of Baby boomers and 5% of senior citizens over 65 years rated it important. This is very interesting data especially for businesses selling online. Millennials also form the biggest section of online shoppers.

What about costs?

Many business owners will usually be concerned about costs when planning for same day deliveries. The higher costs will usually be transferred to the customer, or eat into the profits. There is a fear that the higher price could make the product uncompetitive.

However, it is interesting to see that those willing to have same day delivery do not mind the added cost. 69% of millennials were worried about costs, 74% of Gen X, 77% of baby boomers and 80% of senior citizens.  On average, customers were willing to pay $15 more for same day shipping.

This means that a business targeting millennial customers can pad on delivery costs without worry. More importantly, customers are willing to pay higher delivery costs for higher priced items like automotive spares.

Customers are increasingly going for same day delivery.  In 2017, 10% of the people surveyed said that they had used same day delivery in the past 12 months.

Fulfilled expectations

A good number of customers are willing to buy when there is a promise of fast delivery. 49% of shoppers said that they will be willing to proceed to check out if there is fast delivery. 25% of customers said that they will abandon a cart if there is no same day delivery.

But 96% of these customers said that they consider fast delivery to be same day delivery. This means that a business which promises fast delivery would best fulfill customer expectations with same day delivery.

It is a necessity

While it would be expected that customers would demand same-day delivery because it was free, need for the purchased items overrode the desire for a low or free cost. 29% said they would buy because free same day delivery was offered, while 50% said they demanded same-day delivery because they needed the items fast.

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