Should Your Small Business Deliver to the Customer?

One area where a small business manages to keep ahead of the competition is in keeping costs low. As such, a small business owner may feel that delivering to the customer’s doorstep themselves is cheaper than hiring a delivery company that could raise costs and eat into profits. But there is another angle to this view. Customers are often pressed for time and need their items as soon as possible. This is more so for online shopping. A small business has a lot to gain by offering overnight delivery to the customer’s doorstep.


What is your industry?

Some industries leave no choice for a small business but to deliver. If you are in the fast foods business, for example, it has become a standard expectation that your business will offer door deliveries. It is crucial for a business to see doorstep delivery as a value-added service. Many online stores, even when selling to the local marketplace require delivery services, and ensuring that the products get their quickly and effectively can be handled by a professional delivery company.


Is the competition offering doorstep delivery?

Big retailers like Amazon offer stiff competition to small businesses in almost any field. These big retailers have well-developed delivery networks. If a small business is not delivering, its competitive edge in personalized service is lost.

If the competition is not delivering, it would be a good opportunity to differentiate your customer service in a big way. But it would be still important to understand why they are not delivering. You can pretend to be a customer and ask for a delivery. When the sales rep declines, ask for the reasons. It could enlighten you in structuring your delivery arrangements.


Is there a demand for delivery?

Sometimes the customer demand forces a business to consider delivery as an essential part of customer service, even when this was not part of the initial business model. If you are offering motorcycle spares, for example, you may find that the racers may request for certain parts to be delivered to the racing grounds as they work on other preparations. Offering delivery as a responsive customer service gesture can raise customer loyalty in a big way.


Delivery offers instant customer feedback

One of the advantages of prompt overnight delivery is that the customer’s feedback comes back early. This is important for a small business running a promotion campaign, which needs to ship out a lot of orders. The feedback could be helpful in improving the product, packaging, or other features that the customers are not happy with.


Better cash flow

By doing expedited delivery, a small business is able to cut its business cycle duration. The chain from customer inquiry to customer feedback is shortened, which enables the business to enjoy better cash flow and probably scale up business operations.

A small business should strongly consider delivering to the customer as a way of developing a competitive edge and improving brand loyalty.

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