Delivery Trends Your Business Should Watch Keenly

There is Amazon Prime, Google’s Shopping Express, and Aliexpress epacket. These big names realize that there is a massive competitive advantage in offering expedited delivery whether it is for Business to Customer (B2C), or Business to Business (B2B) delivery. Indeed, businesses that offer products and services to other businesses are even more pressed to offer 

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How important is Fast Delivery to Your Clients?

56% of customers aged 18-34 yrs. expect a business to offer same day delivery. 61% of customers in this age group are also willing to pay more for same day delivery. These are interesting statics that came up in a survey by customer polling firm Invescpro. Delivery time has become a big consideration for customers 

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How to Deliver Perishables Better With Rush Delivery

The food industry set the pace for rushed delivery with very short delivery times. Although customers of food businesses typically stay within a short distance, the model used made a good foundation for other rush delivery products. A business selling perishable product has to adopt rush delivery as a necessity. It not only ensures fast 

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How to Manage Your Customer Shipping Expectations Better

Shorter delivery fulfillment by big retailers like Walmart and Amazon is making shoppers expect this kind of fast delivery from all businesses they do business with. Concepts like 2-hour delivery were unimaginable a few years ago, but are becoming more mainstream, with more customers expecting this shipping choice at check out. Small businesses stand to 

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Should Your Small Business Deliver to the Customer?

One area where a small business manages to keep ahead of the competition is in keeping costs low. As such, a small business owner may feel that delivering to the customer’s doorstep themselves is cheaper than hiring a delivery company that could raise costs and eat into profits. But there is another angle to this 

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